Almeva AG was founded in 1993. The aim was to develop Europe's best man-made waste gas system. Years of experience with products by third-party manufacturers gave the founders the ability to develop good ideas, and avoid errors.

In 1996, the Almeva waste gas system became available in standard dimensions of 75 – 250 mm. With demand for low-budget polypropylene continuing to grow, especially outside of Switzerland, Almeva decided to add PPH waste gas systems to its portfolio. Over the years, space became a scarce commodity in our Bürglen works. To be able to supply the systems required by the market with the expected level of competency, we decided to launch a new facility. The perfect building for the demands at the time was finally located in Uzwil. A new pluggable system in standard dimensions of 80, 110, 125 and 160 mm was added to the existing portfolio, and we soon ran out of storage and production floor space in Uzwil. Again we had no alternative but to move. Almeva AG finally discovered the perfect location for its headquarters in Bischofszell. And we can extend or rebuild whenever we like.

In present time, Almeva AG manufactures plastic systems in diameters 60-315 mm and in lenghts to 5 m. The standard offer is formed by 1550 parts made in a serial production. Additionally, it is possible to manufacture any atypical part. The company Almeva is proudly ranked among the leading manufacturers of plastic exhaust systems in Europe.