Almeva® products meet the most stringent quality requirements with respect to fittings, joints and dimensional accuracy. Almeva® connecting elements are based on self-centering fitting technology. Two-part coupling nuts, threaded couplings and third-party elements  (inspection covers, drain parts or pipe joints) are not permanently connected. The coupling nut runs freely on the coupling. This avoids unnecessary pressure on elements while still guaranteeing a high contact pressure.

Screw connection

Screw connection


The screw connector gives you ability to demount the flue gas path, or the device situated in the path. This allows the troublefree runtime service and control. Screw connectors are used e.g. in the joint of the flue pipe and standpipe mounting pillar, in the joint of flexibile tubes, at temporaly installed flue gas paths etc.

Drain part

Condensate outlet


The structural design of this part assure the troublefree condensate dischargement into drainage. The heightened trailing edge serves as a mud flap, in order to prevent particulate dirt blocking of siphon, which subserves of an altitude valve. The screw cap and the entire demountability of the system parts allow the control of the flue gas path.


Inspection covers

Revision cap


The inspection cover fulfils controlling and mesuring task. It is resistant to the evasion of the condensate. It can include the socket for the mesurement of the flue gases, which is blinded by default. If the mesurement is needed, the cover can be drilled and after the mesurement is finished, it is blinded by the blinding plug.