Marking of system elements

All chimney parts of the Almeva system are classified according to EN 1443 which stipulates general requirements and basic functional conditions for chimneys, and marked in compliance with EN 14471 which subject is the assessment of characteristics of system chimneys with plastic liners. Pipes are usually marked by printing situated in line with all required data. Blocks contain so called “identification mark” (summary of required data pressed on the socket).
The entire system and all its elements are certified, and are assigned a marking symbol CE that corresponds with directive 93/68/EC. This marking symbol CE is together with the number of certificate 0036 CPD 9165 001 placed on individual components in form of a decal.
Every chimney must be marked with a tag that distinguishes relevant combustion gas routes according to relevant standards.

Example of pipe marking:

Almeva PP DN 80x1,9 Z-7.2-3128 TÜV / VKF Nr. Z 14700 / T120 P1 W 2 O-20 R00 EI00 / Charge 07 053

Example of block marking:

Almeva PPT120;P1;W;2;O-20R00;EI 00(nbb)Z-7.2-3128 TÜVVKF Nr. Z 14700

Chimney tag:

Tag must be permanent and clear, made from a durable material and placed on a visible spot. It contains the name of the company or manufacturers trade mark, marking in compliance with EN 14471, rated diameter and heat resistance of the chimney, manufacturer and type of appliances, gross power of the appliances, and information on assembly organization (address, telephone, etc.), date and number of inspection report.

Chimney tag